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Our Story: Superior Scale Service from the start.

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Wine Country  Balance 

Winery  Scales,   

and       Scales For              Vineyards  

Winery Scales 

              "There is absolutely no substitute for the best. "

​                                     Balance is Everything

Born of a desire for superior scale service, and equipment, Wine Country Balance   is a scale supplier, has become the Premiere Scale Company for Wine Country. The excellent region above San Francisco Bay, including Sonoma, Napa, Mendocino, and Solano Counties.

Predominantly providing Winery Scales and Scales for Vineyards in Napa.

Wine Country Balance winery scales and scales for vineyards  and

Wine Country Balance: Harvest scales for wineries has been a successful operation since 1990


A real brick and mortar company, 

providing scales, for  winery  and  vineyard weighing.

 Wine Country Balance,  will specify exactly the proper scale for today's winery and vineyard requirements. 

Excellent Calibration service, with an Excellent Written Quality Assurance program. Up to date certifications and appropriate licenses and insurance.

                      Servicing weighing devices   (since 1977)

Built, by superior fabricators, these rugged, yet portable, scales can endure all types of weather, bumping, and even dropping. 

Like  the old  fashioned  American made equipment it is,  15 to 20 years of  first life use can be achieved.

We also sell and service Price Computing Scales and Laboratory balances

We are also known,  Up, and down California  Hwy 101 corridor  From Ukiah to San Luis Obispo, and Bodega Bay to Sacramento to Yuba city;   Also,  Merriposa, Santa Barbara, and Ventura.

Stewart Degner enjoying a slick Toyota lift truck.
Stewart Degner enjoying a slick Toyota lift truck.