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Scale Service: What we do

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We are a Scale supplier and Scale service company.

What do we do,    and how do we do it: 

Perfectly serviced

These Heavy Duty

Winery Scales are ready to go to work

Properly  blocked and stored indoors.  These Winery scales can hold in excess of 10,000 Pounds.

Yet, internal lock down assemblies, and proper blocking, let  the scales hold mulltiples of  their maximum capacity, with No  ware,  or damage.

The scales are dis- assembled, and pressure washed, to remove mud and baked on grape juice from harvest.

After complete mechanical inspection, any needed repairs are made.

Rusty spots (inside and out) are sanded and repainted.

Unpainted parts are greased, or treated with anti seize compound to combat next year's abuses, and allow for ease of service , 

should it be needed.

Then scales are re-assembled, and get a functional work out. The corners tested with thousands of pounds to assure that they all match, 

and that  weight values register correctly.

All things in order, external sanding, and a coat of paint. (This could be light or aggressive. 

Some customers will wait 5 or more years between proper services. Others, and our own fleet get the full treatment every year)

Lock down assemblies are engaged, blocks installed, and a bit of plastic-wrap, to keep them fresh.

On to the stack they go, Perfect ,and ready for service.

Just    For    Fun...   .If you come in tho the shop before harvest, We will dare you to discern the brand new scales in the stack from the older ones. 

One   Better....   One of our customer's scale is over 30 years old. It is in it's second life. If you can find it,  we'll buy your next starbucks coffee, or a root beer float. :)

Scales,  Winery Scales,  Vineyard Scales,  Bench Scales,  and  Laboratory Balances.  ,               floor scales also available.

On Site :

What do we do?

We often bring one of our very large trucks, with a crane and Thousands of Pounds  (really)

of test weights, and tools , and the scales themselves to a job site

We can service your scale 

almost anywhere, Properly .

Out in a remote vineyard, off a dirt road, with no address?  No Problem.

When it's September, and we are all  working 12 hour days : 

       We  Will  Fit  You  In.

More importantly;  If  you buy or rent a winery scale from from us, or let us store and service your scale,   you probably won't need an emergency repair in September.

As well as providing the most durable scales in the world, And excellent old fashioned ,on time, service, we can store your scales properly in the off season, giving the a full service, and security your Winery Scale  deserves.

Don't  let your scale be the winter home for a rat family, having nothing better to do than chew on your signal cable.

Don't experience the "I don't knows"  of cut cables , or smashed electronics, when you pull the tarp off at crush time.

Our winter storage service is warranted, for the entire season 

The last thing you want is a scale failure just before Weights and Measures shows up for testing.

If you like we can schedule, and perform the  annual service at your facility. We recommend April or May. June and July are Ok too. 

Winery Scales,  Vineyard Scales,  Bench Scales,  and  Laboratory Balances.  ,               floor scales also available. 

Price Computing Scales,  Point of Sale Scales,  Counting Scales

Weighing devices of any kind or age. 

Some Mechanical Scales, are still viable.           Just call us


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Winery Scales 


Some Winery Scales; Fully Serviced; Neatly wrapped ; Ready to go
Some Winery Scales; Fully Serviced; Neatly wrapped ; Ready to go