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Winery Scales  vs.     Floor Scales:

A word from this scale supplier:

I originated the term ,

"Winery Scales" and "Vineyard Scales" in 1991

It is a custom built scale, made in Santa Rosa CA,

by Santa Rosa Scale MFG, with exact specifications

from  me, at  Wine Country Balance.

There is almost 1000 pounds

of steel in every one. It is the most durable, scale

built in the world. Sun, Rain, Mud, Concrete , Gravel,

28 degrees, 110 degrees; It works.  Set it down;  It works. Move it again and again; It works.

                  30 years later: It still works.  Want proof?  Come on in to the shop. I'll show ya.

Floor scales: are cheap imitations of  Winery Scales; Built with about 250  pounds of mild steel.

They are built to be cheaper; And they are. They are fine on a factory "FLOOR", or loading dock, indoors, but lack the stamina of a Winery Scale. These floor scales are less than 1/2 the price of a Winery Scale. You can buy them in magazines. Sun, Rain, Mud Gravel, Temperature: ..........Fail, Fail, Fail..........

Frilly cables, and electronics: Multiple, exposed load cells:................................ Fail, Fail, Fail..........

Not to mention TRANSPORTING.

Throw this  little thing on a flatbed for a trip to another vineyard: and ,yup..."F  ", F  " F   "........... 

There are several degrees of quality in differing models of floor scales. Some are pretty good. To be competitive, we stock some, and will warranty them for a season.

About 2005, Some vineyard magazine interviewed me over the phone, and used the term in an article which included my competitors. 

Now, several of my competitors use my proprietary term, incorrectly, to entice you to buy a scale from them.  THEY ARE NOT THE SAME!

It's like buying a pickup , when a Dump Truck is what you need.

OK, enough ranting from me.